Perhaps a call to Apple support? Mac OS X WebKit – VM Regions Near 0x As a workaround to resolve this, you can try to open any epub file directly by right-click on the file and open-with ADE option. Having the same problem here on multiple Macs.

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Planet ADSL 2/2+ Router ADE-3400v2 User Manual: Installing The Usb Driver On A Pc (ade-3410)

MacBook Air, Apple Inc. This is extremely frustrating, especially when the book is for school.

Using Mavericks and 4. I managed to do a work around, as crashing every time meant I was not able to read my books.

Firmware Update; System Log – Planet ADE User Manual [Page 31]

I tried drjardine’s workaround with a newly installed ADE 4. Is there some other means to contact them? B16, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 1. WebCore – I’m having the same problem. In the mean time, is there any other program that can open. Also crashing for me trying to open a library book, or trying to send it to my ereader.


PLANET ADE-3410 User Manual

Mac OS X New Mac user and have been unable to open. It crashed just before opening the book.

Every time I click on my ebook, it just crashes. Very frustrating are I can’t read my library books now. Very frustrating I know!

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Not even sure my public library can help Then when I downloaded the books, I did not doubleclick on the ascm file. Is there a bit of the error log that I can copy and paste in here to help diagnose? I double Click the App and I get just the the crash-report. If you fixed it, what did you do? Not so glad I bought this ebook that has to use this software. Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State bit:. Having the same problem here on multiple Macs. Crash dump s available privatley on request.

I then opened the book in ADE library. I will strongly recommend you to use ADE4 as it comes up some good features and support for epub3 format.


Also crashing when I try to copy a book to my ereader. I’m having the same issue. I found the ascm file in the folder then added it to the library. I uninstalled ADE 4.

We will address this issue as well in our coming releases. It will be really helpful if you could share the crash logs with us. JavaScriptCore – All versions of Adobe Digital Editions crash when opening any library e-book licence.