Printed in the U. Send comments or complaints to: The Windows 95 version is just around the corner. All prices, specifications and availability are subject to change. It shows you how to use the program.

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As is, the Pilot is an outstanding product: New tools and functionality.

Brightness and color quality are resplen- dent. Choose the Convert to Access command, and the software will automatically turn spreadsheets into true relational databases. The model we tested came with 32MB of speedy dual-inline memory modules, expandable to MB. Surelyvyou have a story to tell.

The Windows 95 version is just around the corner. There are also wizards for novices and a time- line editor for more sophisti- cated animation.

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Desktop Recruiter is a trademark of SkillSet Software. The Microsoft Network icon has been sitting on your desktop for some time now.

Since Java breaks programs into small, interchangeable chunks, you may soon be able to load a chart maker from the Web into a spreadsheet without ever installing it on your hard drive. Ever negotiate with lawyers at a huge company? Replication services allow users to make a copy of a database on a laptop computer, work with it while traveling, and later syn- chronize all changes with the server.


Until now, you had no choice.

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To spot geographically based trends and relationships, use the mapping capabilities of Microsoft Excel to analyze sales by territory, for example. For mobile users dialing into multiple Notes servers, a new feature called Pass- Through Replication elimi- nates a frustrating usability hassle.

Are you paying too much for basic Internet access? Databases can include messages, threaded discussions, or file libraries. Each technology supports a dis- tinct class of applications, while their integration with groupware leverages the strengths of both.

The side plastic surrounding the Aceg is broken. For inquiries and address changes, call or fax It also allows companies to standardize on one common system across all their diverse computing platforms, from notebooks and desktops to servers of every size. New Partners will be in the Member category.

Notes based news services and publications.

Fast Pentium systems abound. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


The IBM home page is located at http: It has been unique among groupware systems in putting forward a database model for groupware — both in terms of the un- derlying user metaphor and the design tools available to end-users and IT organizations. Not just the most advanced notebook hotebook multimedia, the most advanced notebook, period. Not all information is native to a collaborative system: In other words, the NoteJet is a notbeook platform for a few highly specific applications.

Sentences appear on-screen by paragraph, word, or character to add emphasis where needed.

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Include copies of all correspondence. Computer Select also contains full-text articles from over 70 computer magazines, newspapers and newsletters, as well as abstracts from over 40 more computer periodicals, business magazines, and newspapers.

They will use Notes applications to sched- ule and track patients.