This netbook might be the perfect one for you. Some buyers which are surely consist of some new computer users, get so in love the netbook. With this however, the staff for the 10 inch follow-up model, the Aspire One D, is set especially high. The reason for this restriction is the protruding battery on the back side and for which a rubber lip has been fastened to the bottom edge of the display in order to prevent a thrashing when opening too recklessly. The keyboard turns out more generous than in many 9 inch devices but in comparison to the most renowned 10 inch netbook competitors, the Acer Aspire One has the smallest keys. The Aspire One D can be picked up and carried around at all corners and edges without hesitation and without even the slightest creaking. Generally, it has also become necessary, in the meantime, to study the netbooks closely to find out which device covers the individual needs of the user best, even if the prices are very attractive, as before.

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The integrated Intel GMA graphic chip setwhich is also used in most netbooks aod150-15777 the competitors, takes care of the graphic needs.

The maximum awaited battery runtime, determined with the BatteryEater Readers test min. As one of the leading vendors, Acer cannot help them selves to not taking part of these actions.


The data medium from Western Digital WDBEVT rotates with a velocity of rpm and reached in the HDTune benchmark test constantly good transmission rates and with 17 milliseconds an equally adequate access time.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. That would surely differ it with the regular wireleess. There can also be a right passable performance increase in comparison to the N chip in the Cinebench R10 benchmark noted. Acer decided to give the mini-notebook a new case with the change to the 10 inch format.

With a black value of 1.

We’ll soon be seeing the first laptops with a faster version of the Intel Atom, the N, which may expose some major fault lines in Netbook wireeless or not, as small clock-speed bumps are often inconsequential.

Despite owning a huge chunk of the growing Netbook market, the popular Acer Aspire One has been saddled wieeless a 9-inch screen, rather than the bigger inch type we prefer.

In the meantime Linux has been dismissed. Unfortunately, the fan made itself somewhat negatively noticeable under low load with its pulsating starts.

10-inch Acer Aspire One – D150

The display hinges have also turned out very exemplary. There is also a dead zone in the middle of the key bar.

The rivals often show cases of magnesium and aluminum parts. The chassis presents an excellent stability, anyway Mail will not be published required.

Acer Aspire One AOD Netbook Computer B&H

Some buyers which are surely consist of some new computer users, get so in love the netbook. Netbooks Guides Quick Guides to Netbooks. It looks different on the inside of the notebook on the black display casing.


HP Spectre x 13 late For simple office applications and surfing in the internet this suffices but you have to chum up with having to scroll a lotparticularly in the vertical area. An advantage of this graphic solution is primarily the low energy consumption with a maximum of up to 7 watts.

Similar Devices

We’ve changed, we promise. Acer states the maximum storage allocation to have acsr total of 2 GB. Slight increases of the Dhrystone and Whetstone results are confronted with a considerable computing time reduction in the SuperPi benchmark test. The maximum possible temperatures under load turn out considerably to high for a netbook, too.

You’ll have to chum up with the more pulsing soundscape in practical mode. They bid even at a good maximum volume a clear sound. For use on the thighs this is already too much.

Just short of Wkreless reflective display surface makes working with the device outdoors to an ordeal. The computers producers are busy with the new type of laptop these days. What now counts on the netbook market is exclusively the broad mass, and they obviously also want a bigger display.