I just got the new B Win10 model, and having the same issue – possibly worse. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The keyboard housing flexes on the left side on my This gets very noticeable if you type fast not looking at the keyboard. Accutype offers over training exercises and practice exercises.

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I’m still at awe keboard nobody reacts to these things. Lenovo is the multinational technology company that developed the AccuType keyboard. It’s almost a useless laptop.

My fingers are getting stressed along the sides; I think I must have to reach further to hit the same keys or something and I acdutype have small hands.

I’ve installed Xubuntu Message 4 of Windows Experience is truly to be found cost free by download.

This is Z I have 2 and it had this problem since day one. One big perk of this particular keyboard is that it is lightweight. You possibly can still seepauseand rewind Television system or write down it to timepiece whenever and wherever you want. Accutype offers over training exercises and practice exercises.


Anyone Know about AccuType Keyboards on Different Lines? – Thinkpads Forum

It seems however that this is considered normal and nobody else is complaining about it. Intel 2nd Generation Core iM.

Here is the reply I got from one guy on Reddit: There seem to be a major problem with Lenovo’s AccuType keyboards that no one is talking about. Which is the antithesis of what Lenovo promises when it describes the “acclaimed” AccuType keyboard as “ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and keyboardd errors.

It is an unfortunate tendency acccutype in development everywhere. This way, you know you are getting a newer, backlit version.

Maybe if you search for “chiclet” instead of “AccuType” you’d find more results. The left side of the KB flexes an awful lot, and the keys have to be struck dead-centre and rather hard to respond.

Peek about unblocked microsoft windows to become a quick style with your personal desktop see larger image. This is a feature that will shine a light from beneath your keyboard, so that you can see the keys more clearly, including the number keypad.


Once you learn to touch type, you can achieve more in less time.


I have the same problem in my new B Can I convert an y50 70 touch to non touch? You will also have the benefit of error-free documents. I’ll focus on accutyps keyboard, though, since that’s the topic.

Notify me of new posts by email. IdeaPad P screen went dim.

Lenovo AccuType keyboard problems

Not sure is it possible they got a whole batch of keyboards with defect. The slight inward slope of the keys is meant to create an easier, more comfortable typing experience.

The keys are rounded at the edges so there are no sharp corners. I think the problem is in your device. Register Sign In Help. Whether they love it or hate it, people have plenty to say about it.