Rendering calculations are bits wide in VSA but the operands and results are stored as bit. There were five revisions of the Voodoo 5 Could have, would have, should have doesn’t matter for today. This mechanism allows for creation of effects such as motion blur if used temporally and anti-aliasing if used spatially. Unfortunately the production cost of the Voodoo5 would have likely hampered its competitiveness from a profitability standpoint. Voodoo5 Review , Firingsquad, Similarly, the Voodoo4 is not being launched at this time because 3dfx would rather divert the available VSA chips to the higher margin Voodoo5

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3dfx Voodoo5 5500

The limitation of px x px maximum texture dimensions was also addressed and VSA can use up to px 3dvx px textures. The VSA supports a hardware accumulation buffer, known as the “T-buffer”. There were five revisions of the Voodoo 5 Released after the Voodoo 5the Voodoo4 is the budget implementation of the VSA product. Despite its high price point, the Voodoo5 would not have offered next-generation 3dffx 8.

However, it was early in its development and only approximately twenty working cards were produced before 3dfx went bankrupt, and most assets were purchased by NVIDIA in late Unfortunately the production cost of the Voodoo5 would have likely hampered its competitiveness from a profitability standpoint.

A major drawback to this method of performance scaling is that various parts of hardware are needlessly duplicated on the cards and board complexity increases with each additional processor. While capacity is not cumulative across the entire card, bandwidth is effectively cumulative and thus a card with 2x VSA 5050 has similar bandwidth to a single-chip graphics card using bit DDR memory.


Memory capacity and bandwidth is separately dedicated to each VSA processor.

Log in Don’t have an account? Webarchive template wayback links. The Voodoo 5 was the last and most powerful graphics card line that 3dfx Interactive released.

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However, our sources tell us that the components that are in short supply are the VSA chips themselves, 3efx makes sense given the situation at hand. When rendering to the T-buffer, VSA can store the combined outputs of several frames.

The precarious financial situation of 3dfx was another factor contributing to the ‘s demise. However, the process was tweaked with a 6th metal layer to allow for better density and speed, and the transistors have a slightly shorter gate length and 5500 gate oxide. Most of the known cards are revision A from week 37, In such a situation, the Voodoo5 would have the clear advantage from the standpoint of raw power.

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It was built on a nm semiconductor manufacturing process, as with Voodoo3. The Voodoo5originally scheduled to be released shortly after the model, has been delayed yet again with 3efx new release date of summer It was rumored that GeForce 2 Ultra was intended to prevent 3dfx taking the lead with their Voodoo 5 It was meant to be the retail unit, but shortly after the run of 10 were produced, the series was cancelled. This is the first 3dfx graphics chip to support full bit color depth in 3D, compared to bit color depth with all previous designs.


It used only one VSA chip and did not need an additional power connection.

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Views Read Edit View history. Voodoo5 ReviewFiringsquad, Let’s take a look and see if the Voodoo5 has a chance. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Most of the problems seen in earlier revisions were fixed, although there may have been glitches while in anti-aliasing mode on some cards. In some cases, the was shown to compete well with the next-generation GeForce 3. Could have, would have, should have doesn’t matter for today.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and 3rfx Policy. It wasn’t too long ago that NVIDIA was proclaiming bit color as the next key feature for 3D accelerators, while 3dfx kept insisting that speed was king.

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