The postprocessed nature of the effect also meant that framebuffer captures did not display it, which lead to erroneous claims equating TNT2 bit quality to Voodoo3 when in many titles of the day Voodoo3 bit quality was closer to TNT2 bit quality in practice. There are many sections here, so I’ll be highlighting the more important ones and the first one shows the information page as shown to your left. Have I been conned? And of course don’t miss the P that is all out! After loading the Gigabyte drivers and utilities, you will see the Gigabyte icon on your system tray. Same goes for the Demo-2 results which reflects the same amount of drop as in Demo

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Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures:. In your display properties, you’ll find a new tab called Blaster-Control. Back to top Test System Configuration. If they had wanted to produce in 0.

GigaByte GA Series TNT2 32MB AGP

Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures:. Some games also had exclusive 3D features when used with Glide, including Wing Commander: This card should be the number one choice if you only have a budget for a Banshee or TNT.

Good for those overclockers out there.

Have I been conned? This wrappernamed Unifiedwas not as compatible with Glide games as real 3dfx hardware, but it was also the only card available other than a 3dfx card that could run Glide software. Ok, since this has been sorted out, back to our ‘problem’. Here’s another common question in Clinics: With a stunningly eye-catching blue PCB board, this card catches my attention the moment I unwrapped it. It’s sure a win-win situation with this card because you fork out minimal cash for the newest generation of video-cards, it supports bit colour and you should know the similarities it has with the rest if the TNT2 family for features.


So the board is quite spacious. There is nothing really bad about this card.

3d Power Tnt2 M64 92040030 32mb AGP VGA passiv (932)

This means that in games which only put a single texture on a polygon face at once, the TNT2 can be more efficient and faster. However, when TNT2 was launched, single-texturing was no longer used in most new games. Performance-wise, it’s similar to the TNT. Installation was simple as expected.

This section is called the Tweak page. I’ve seen so many reviews comparing the bit and bit colour differences and the only that they always show that bit colour is better is by magnifying the snapshot quite a bit! Even a K is playable hnt2 x resolution!

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2-Ultra AGP

But solution was mostly known from low-cost and low-quality boards without separate memory. Since Game-1 and Game-2 scores play a big part in the final score, the KNI-enabled PMhz has a big lead against the rest of gnt2 pack.


Well this one has a nice sunken design which is more expensive than a simple fan screwed on top a cheap heatsink. I mean I tried playing the same track at least 5 times in either colour depth and I can’t find that ‘bit’ of difference and I really looked hard!

Anyway, any kind soul who could shed some enlightenment would be appreciated. To piwer matters worse, there are 3 varieties of Voodoo-3 boards and 3 varieties of TNT2 boards. However, reinstallation of Windows solved the problem, as suggested by Vijay.

3D Power TNT2 M64 92040030 32MB AGP VGA passiv (932)

So I was using without the fan numerous times for long periods and even in heavy gaming. By now, the Creative drivers must have been updated to the latest nVidia drivers. The blades are well curved to scoop the hot air out.

And yes, the fan’s power source is derived from the board itself as shown. Straight forward and self explanatory options make the program easy to use even for beginners as you do not have options for tny2 timings or core settings for those who are not familiar with them.

Creative is selling the card as a 2x AGP part but I’m hoping it’s also designed to be 4x AGP capable when the i chipset-based motherboard is out.