Fixed SMP race condition v1. We just happen to have numerous 3Com cards in the bone yard and also the EtherDisks, so I thought I could make a couple of spares without doing much work. My earlier curiosity found it using google. The one I was trying it on is a 3CB. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Jan 21, Posts: We’re talking about licenses for 4 seats plus expensive options on a floating license setup.

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Unless I don’t have the right utility. Assume that we are in register window zero.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/3com/3cc (v) – Bootlin

Well it says in your post: Jan 21, Posts: Only the lowest address board will stay “on-line”. Jan 18, Posts: I distinctly remember changing MAC addresses, so it definitely can be done, sorry to tell you H but for once you’re wrong.

Regardless of what the docs say some people definitely get problems with lower but in card spec delays v1.

I am personally not aware of any available card which EtherDisk’s MAC program command actually worked on. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Cards with their tag set will not respond to subsequent ID sequences. It has reserved pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is asserted.


Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

Something ancient and the program’s developer is no longer in business? Upgraded to Donald Becker’s version 1. Fixed SMP race condition v1. Having a license file tied to a piece of hardware has always been a sketchy business in my experience. This has never been publically documented and your chances of having a compatible EEPROM burner are zero You bought the prepackaged chips directly from 3com even if you were a card maker, which you weren’t, because 3com made most of its own cards: We change to register window 6, so this should be run single-threaded if the device is active.

Mon May 11, Mon May 11, 6: Copyright by Donald Becker. This is for an old, but very expensive, CAD license that the software company simply has no reason to support because it is such an outdated version.

The author may be reached as becker scyld.

It’s possible some cards, probably with a 3cA or 3cB, had the necessary connections to allow the program voltage to be connected 12V might have done it, and was available on ISA and to allow the program enable pin to be pulled – this’d be done by the EtherDisk utility and was so that Netware environments would not be disturbed by swapping out a NIC – you’d usually program in an NE’s old MAC.


This check is needed in order not to register them twice. My earlier curiosity found it using google. In the 3cC, the program enable pin was used for something else I forget what and to maintain MAC integrity, the program voltage was not connected in the package. I’ve got the same problem as the originator of that post, CADdie, and I happen to be locked to a dying 3Com card.


Feb 12, Posts: Can anyone provide any more details on the procedure? Thu May 07, 9: I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea. Your computer dies and the software company says 3vom well, we’ll fix it, but you have to buy a new license. Andrewcw, I think your questions are directed at me.

Feb 27, Posts: It is out there earlier.